Maison Labruyère au cœur de la ville de Bordeaux


Vue donnant sur le Jardin Royal de Bordeaux


Maison Labruyère Bordeaux is located in a Haussmanian town house bordering the Jardin public in Bordeaux. This large landscaped park measuring more than 10 hectares is located in the heart of Bordeaux. Dating from the 18th century, it used to be known as the ‘Jardin Royal’.

A large body of water meanders through the park with an island connected to the rest of the park by three charming wrought iron bridges.

It is a treasured place for romantic strolls where nature predominates, enlivened with botanical treasures and attractions for children: puppet theatre, playgrounds and old-fashioned merry-go-rounds. It is a registered historic monument.

Ideal for romantic strolls, it is a classified historical monument in France.

A beautiful Haussman period building

Maison Labruyère Bordeaux is located in a Haussmanian building bordering the Jardin Public in Bordeaux.
 This chic district where many great families from the Bordeaux wine making field live, combines the tranquillity and space offered by the park with a central location. Only a few minutes walk will bring you to the heart of Bordeaux with its shops and restaurants, not to mention its night life.

Façade Maison Labruyère Bordeaux